Concert Band

In a total music program, Concert Band is the main organization from which Marching Band, Jazz Band, Small Ensemble, and Region/State memberships

are born. The Central Concert Band consists of students

in grades 9th - 12th. New Heights also has Concert Bands by grade level.

Each group learns and rehearses musical pieces throughout

the school year in their respective band class.

All Concert Bands perform two main concerts a year:

Winter Concert in December and Spring Concert in May.

They also perform at various school and community sponsored events.

The Central Concert Band also competes in the SCBDA sponsored

concert festival in the Spring.

Jazz Band

The Central Jazz band is made up of high school musicians

who perform a more laid-back repertoire of music.

They perform at local festivals and other school events

throughout the year. Jazz Central perform pieces by artists such as Peter Blaire, Stevie Wonder, and Duke Ellington...just to name a few.

Small Ensemble

This group is made up of select high school musicians who perform arrangements for smaller ensembles.

They perform at various community events during the Christmas Season.