Marching Band


Our marching band is one of our program's biggest ensembles, with over 50 members from 8th to 12th grade! The marching season spans from July to December, kicking off with our mandatory Band Camp. Each year we learn a new show—with a new theme, new music, and new drill—and perform this show at competitions across South Carolina. This group also performs in the stands at most (if not all) Central High School football games, both away and at home, and in local parades.

Wondering if you should join?

It's hard work, we won't lie. You have to memorize all that music and those set formations. Band Camp is hot. Some of the competitions will be... just as hot. There are lots of late nights and early mornings and long practices. You might get sore, and you'll definitely get tired.

Even with all that, though, it's not an exaggeration to say that marching band can be one of the most rewarding parts of your high school experience. You'll grow as a musician. There will be opportunities to step into leadership roles as you move up, and that helps develop all those soft skills (things like teamwork, time management, self-discipline) that look so good on résumés and college applications. 

And maybe it's cheesy to say, but the band truly does become a second family. You'll spend so much time with your fellow bandmates, through all the highs and lows that come with any given marching season, and the bonds you build here can be some of the strongest you'll find throughout your teenage years.

If this doesn't interest you, no sweat! Marching band is, ultimately, just one part of a band program, and it's okay to stick to just the concert ensembles. But if you're on the fence—if you love band but you're unsure about the marching part, or if you're a little anxious because you don't know any of the other marchers—you should join! We'll help you get through all those things, and we'd love to have you!