What are Reds?

Anytime we refer to "Reds" we're talking about our choice in marching shoe: a pair of red high-top Chuck Taylor All Star Classics. These are worn at all of our performances, parades and concerts alike. They are, in our opinion, a more exciting alternative to the typical black or white Dinkles. They're one of the ways we choose to label ourselves as proud members of The Sound of Central, as well as a small reminder not to take the competition of it all too seriously—we're here because band is fun! The awards are nice, and of course we always want to do our best, but at the root of it, we do band because we love it.


Yes, there is a specific way you have to lace your shoes and no, it's not the way you'd normally do it. We want the laces to fall in nice, straight lines over the tops of your Reds, rather than in the standard X-pattern.

You can find step-by-step instructions on lacing your Reds here.


The Sound of Central awards beads to recognize students' dedication, achievement, and rank within our program. These beads are worn on the laces of your left Red.

You receive a bead for each year you march: An L for your Rookie year (to remind you to always step out on your left foot); school colors blue, white, and red for your second, third, and fourth years respectively; and a 5 to mark having marched as many years with us as possible. The elusive 6 bead is for students who have marched for six years—something very few have done, and none will do going forward, while our Beginner Band starts in the 7th grade. These beads are to be placed on the first row of your laces.

Leadership members receive a silver bead to recognize the extra work they put into the program, and to mark them as someone other marchers can go to for guidance and support. Those that have served as one of our "Big 3" (Drum Major, Band Juice—also known as Band Captainand Secretary) receive a bead marked with a 3. Our various small ensembles

also receive beads for their extra work outside of our bigger marching and concert bands—a glittery black star for Jazz Central, a matte white star for Percussion Ensemble and Winterguard, and a red star for Small Ensemble. Seniors get a treble clef shaped bead for sticking with us all the way up until their last year at Central. These beads are to be placed on the second row of your laces.

Each January, students have the opportunity to audition to qualify for Region Band. As part of Region 5, our auditionees are up against students from (including ours) thirteen counties. Those who are awarded a chair then attend a two-day clinic and get to perform with some of the other outstanding student musicians from our region. The Sound of Central students will receive one gold bead every year they qualify for Region Band. These beads are to be placed on the third row of your laces.

The Flats Ceremony (named for the order of flats—BEADGCF) is held on the first Thursday of Band Camp, during which marchers are awarded their Beads.